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Veterans Service Dog Training

"Having Pandora has given me the opportunity to adapt to civilian life while managing the symptoms of PTSD. Learning to trust Pandora has allowed me to enjoy life."

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Kids Training Opportunities

By pairing kids that have a good understanding of the sport of agility, the patience to lead and teach, and the compassion to share in a partnership there is an opportunity is create a friendship and a feeling of accomplishment for all involved.

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Service Dogs

"Training Amara has changed Wilson in a positive way from all aspects of his daily life. I think Wilson is learning what parts of Amara’s behavior he can control and how to control her along with understanding there are some things Amara does that he can’t control has really translated well into him understanding what he can and cannot control in reference to his medical requirements."

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The most interesting part of agility training is that a large percentage of your success in agility is dependent on the relationship and bond that you have with your dog. During a significant portion of any agility course your dog is on the ground; moving and thinking quickly. Your ability to provide directions to your dog, combined with the willingness of your dog to take your directions is the critical component of the sport.

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Obedience skills such as sit, lie down, and stay are best taught in an agility environment. These tasks are repetitive and boring to dogs, but in agility we teach the dog to sit, but then rewarding the dog with an “energy” release. Because agility allows the dog a release dogs are better able to focus on the repetitive tasks of obedience skills. Agility also offers an excellent opportunity to teach dogs impulse control and focused attention.

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Recent Work

Lure Coursing

New to Faithful Friends!! A lure zips through an obstacles course. Dogs LOVE it!

Veteran Owned Business

About Us

Faithful Friends Dog Training, a Veteran owned business, was founded in 1998 in order to bond owners with their pets through positive reinforcement training. Our main goal is to help clients develop the understanding, patience, and skills that will build the most rewarding relationship between dog and owner through training both owners and dogs the sport of dog agility. We currently hold classes in both Franklin, TN and Greenville, IN. We offer — agility training and Veterans Resource Service Dog Training. In 2016 we also expanded our services to tailor training to special needs kids and at risk youth.

Our Commitment to Veterans

We feel strongly that training shall always be at no cost to a service member for a service dog. This is our tangible way to say “Thank You”.

- Lorenzo and Jenifer Arballo

Our Faithful Friends

  • Jersey, Mobility Asst (4/30/03 - 12/2/17)

  • Pandora, PTSD and TBI (10/24/11 - 6/8/19)

  • Titus, Autistic Therapy Asst

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